bulb-oh is a common household object, a lightbulb converted into an ornament, that enlightens people to promote ethnic diversity in multicultural society

every bulb-oh ornament represents a specific ethnic tribe that exists in reality with clothing, hats, food, music, language, huts in a country.

bulb-oh travel and culture club will be a social network and international franchise to market a modern hybrid of traditional tribal cultures from various foreign nations, using ornaments, clothing outfits, food and music.

its locations will be like international cultural and trade center outlets to promote diversity of ethnicity and respect of tradition in: handicrafts, huts, clothing, food, languages, customs and beliefs and their modern hybrid adaptations.

it will have a game board and computer game for trading and tourism and in the future with investors, an actual game land to promote all the tribes around the world. it will have traditional huts, arts and handicrafts, ceremonies and performances, and international food fair and bazaar.

it will encourage exchange of cultures and knowledge from the primitive sources of tribes which continue their unique ethnicity. it will provide opportunities to network and meet foreigners who become friends, trade partners and marriage partners and traveling to meet other members.

it will be a safe neutral ground between negative ethno-racism and positive ethno-diversity by equal exchanging of ideas, opinions and cultures. each tribe is a group unified by their common similarities in beliefs, tradition, lifestyle and language, so they are like family feeling they belong to the same group who are like themselves. meeting other tribes who are different by race and culture for trading, exchange of ideas, services and products, and sometimes mating is done out of curiosity, necessity and general sense of humanity.

as a social ethical enterprise, it will donate 10% ten percent of its profits to tribes which inspired its products, ornaments, clothing and food. as well, tribes in each bulb-oh main location will be allowed to market their own handicrafts on site keeping 100% hundred percent of their profits.