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The Professor's Lessons

The Professor
The Tourist
The Broadcaster
The Trader
The Lovers
The Leader
The Lawyer
The Prostitute / Maid
The Gossip
The Storyteller
The Students
The Chairman
The Prime Minister
The Poetess

Ancient wisdom from above blessed god Thoth, Words of learning as the Professor thought...

Professor Helmut Thoth teaches how language can be used for various reasons in the world.
He is a Master of Communication and Metaphysics. He teaches English to foreign students 
for meaningful communication.  He also introduces to the class audience, the diverse characters 
who act to demonstrate his lessons in short life sketches, to explain their existence, meaning 
and roles in society, the world and other planes of existence.  

Poetic Lecture Play Collaboration between an imaginative poetess and mysterious telepathic lecturer Note: Characters who are professionals in these occupations are preferred, being more credible in the roles Sonnets by The Poetess: Imelda Ortega Suzara Books available in Lulu ISBN 978-0-9689206 Copyright 2013

UPDATES: Thoth's Secrets playbook in Lulu.com; open to Independent Producers of Stage Theater, please inquire by email if interested in adapting it for stage; Invite Professor Thoth to guest lecture in your city!



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