Ancient Past Alien Contact

Mural, Egypt

Space Port, Teotihuacan Mexico

Inca Gold Planes, Mexico

Paracas Skulls, Peru

Star Child Skull, Mexico

Skulls, Romania

Mesopotamia Figures, Iraq

Mayan Alien Spaceships, Peru

Mayan Empire Aliens

Mayan Alien Rocket

Inca Alien Spaceship

Mayan Telescope Rocket?

Alien Pharaoh, Egypt

Aliens UFO Mural, Egypt

Osirusnet Sky Adviser, Egypt

Cone Head Alien Skulls

Mesopotamia Iraq

Sumerian, Nimrud Iraq

Orion and Pyramids, Egypt

Vimana Rocket, India

Vimana, India

Ancient Crop Circles

Cochno Stone, United Kingdom


Dropa Disks, Baian Kara Ula Tibet China

Lolladoff Plate, Nepal India

Lolladoff Plate Drawing
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