Armour and Weapons

Two Horned Hunting & Trading Helmets

Danish 800 -400 B.C.

Waterloo Helmet 150 B.C.

Henry VIII Helmet

Viking Helmets, Google Search Two Horned Helmets
Colonial Philippines

Moro Helmet and Armour

Helmet and Armour, Spanish Era

Moro Helmet, Spanish Era

Kalis and Keris Swords

Anglo Saxon Round Shields

Shield or Salakot Hat, Batanes
South Korea

SillaHelmet and Armour

Neck and Chest Armour

Txiv Yawg, Nine Li Tribe
Other Countries

Persian Helmet

Turkish Helmet Mask

Akkadian Helmet Scene

Knight Helmet

African Warrior Helmet

Samurai Helmet
Silla or Anglo Saxon?

Anglo Saxon Round Shield

Silla Ornamental Sword

Anglo Saxon King Shoulder Clasp
Helmet With Horns or Without?

ROM Viking Exhibit Helmet

ROM Helmet No Horns

With Horned Helmets for Hunting
Note: these photos were Google searched and copied and pasted for research purposes