Religion & Science

Nordic Celtic Germanic Paganism and Christianity

Drogue stones

Noah's Ark, Mount Ararat

Odin Holey stone plus Christian Crosses

Sidone Shroud of Turin

Abdes Pantera, Sidones

Externsteine Altar, Germany

Ptolemy Germania Map

Kalkriese Teutoberg Battle Mask

Host Chalice Rays

Christ King, Poland

Mother Mary, USA

Jesuit Priests Survive Hiroshima, Japan

Irminsul Externsteine

Odin Stone, Stenness UK

Yggdrasil Fertility Tree

Orb, Scepter and Crown, Otto

Holy Roman Emperor Otto

Sun Cross
Sky Spiral and Crop Circle Designs, Science or Religion?

Analysing Height

Spiral Crop Designs

Analysing Diameter

Dornberg, Germany

Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Lund, Sweden

37 kHz, Gussage St. Andrews UK

Air Asia QZ8501

Air Asia Blackbox, January 7, 2014

Nine Crescent Moon, Rough Hill UK

Alien Leader, Wiltshire UK

Yggdrasil Tree, Badbury Rings

White Horse, Milk Hill UK

Golden Plate, Grasdorf Germany

Santena, Italy
Grasdorf, Germany 1991

Ancient Advanced Alien Contact

Alien Mummy, Peru

Osirunet, Egypt

Nimrud, Iraq

Aliens UFO, Egypt

Flying Vehicles, Egypt

UFO and Pad, Egypt

Alien Pharaoh, Egypt

Cochno Stone, United Kingdom

Alien Navigation Device, Egypt

Mayan UFOs, Mexico

Teotihuacan Spaceport, Mexico

UFO Wreck, Mexico

Mayan Astronaut Pacal, Mexico

UFO Crash, Roswell New Mexico

Haunebu, Germany
Note: these photos were Google searched and copied and pasted for research purposes