Cave Petroglyphs & Paintings

Cave Petroglyphs
Angono Rizal, Philippines

Petroglyph 1

Taho Soy Man Diet

Taho Soy Man

Petroglyph 2

Hunting for turtles

Green Sea Turtles

Petroglyph 3

Trying cigar

Cigar Factory

Petroglyph 4

Asking for carabao horn for helmet

Carabao rice farmer

Petroglyph 5

Who is the father?

Carabao, Tassili N'Ajjer Algeria

Fir Tree, Uzbekistan

Fir Trees, Beldersay Uzbekistan

Fir Trees,Black Forest Germany

Cochno Stone, Scotland

Hopi and Viking Lesson?,USA

Goats, USA

Pharaoh and Fan Servant, Egypt

Animal Grazing, USA

Walled Village with Gate, Gibraltar

Sirippa Misaki, Japan

Fugoppe Cave, Japan

Tsuno Otsuru / Antlers Shed
Cave Paintings

Demanding Corn Cob Stalks, Mexico

Various Ship Sails, Mexico

Various Shield Designs, USA

Spears Practise at Horn Call, Libya

Cage Animals Order, Mali

Waiting for Circumcision, South Africa

Bull into Boat, USA

Snake Hunt, USA

Dragon Ship and Snakes, USA

Celtic Snake Loops, Philippines

Spear Versus Bow Arrow, Egypt

Herding Camels for Pharaoh, Algeria
Sabotaged Cave Drawings

Bull Hunting

World News Daily Report March 2014

Human Evolution Blog October 2014
Lascaux Cave, France
Altamira Cave, Spain

This black line diagram of a boat's top, side and bottom view was found in an inner room of Altamira cave.
Note: these photos were Google searched and copied and pasted for research purposes