Colonies South Korea and Philippines

South Korea

Naganeupsong Village, Suncheon

Cheju Village

Dol Hareubang Christian Monks

Spiked Dragon Ship Casket

Grape Wine Crusher?

Another Crusher / Presser?

Grain Crusher?
Cultural Matching

Heavenly Horse Saddle, Korea

Silla Gold Crown Wings, Korea

Silla Gold Tiara, Korea

Tjangvide Odin Sleipnir Horse, Norway

Widukind Wings on Horse, Germany

Tillya Tepe Scythian Gold Tiara, Afghanistan


Chavayan, Sabtang

Songsong Ruins

Sea Wall


Inner Port

Boat Puller

Wood Boat Maker

Wood Branch Cutter
Cultural Matching

Hole Stone, Philippines

Hedge Grass, Philippines

Boat Shape Stones Burial, Philippines

Hole Stone, Ireland

Hedge Grass, Saxon Germany

Boat Shape Stones Burial, Denmark

Ragnarok Game, Korea

Ragnarok Movie, Norway

Ragnarok Game, Philippines
Note: these photos were Google searched and copied and pasted for research purposes