Languages and Words

Ancient Script Writings On Stone

Ticao Stone, Philippines

Hedeby Stone, Germany

Nami Stone, Korea

Baybayin to Western

Germanic Runic to Western

Korean to Western

Solomon Jehoash Stone

Rosetta Stone, Egypt

Mesopotamian Ark Tablet

Aramaic to Hebrew to Western

Heiroglyph to Demotic to Western

Mesopotamia Cuneiform to Western

Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls

Nag Hammadi Codex, Cave in Egypt

Gospel of Mary

Anglo Saxon Chronicle, Old English

Gutenberg Bible, Latin

Beowulf, Old English

Rough Translation of Ticao Stone

Rough Bicolano to English?

Ticao Island, Masbate Philippines
Note: these photos were Google searched and copied and pasted for research purposes