Old Saxony Germany and Anglo Saxon England

Eresburg Hill


Drawing 1647

Ober Marsberg Village

Stadsten Marsberg

Ruins of Old Fort

Widukind / Wittekind, King Duke of Old Saxony

Sword Without Beard

With Beard & Horse

Saxe Coburg Gotha Duchy

Royal Family Photo

Dynasty Family Tree

Veste Coburg Ancestral Seat
Angles, Jutes and Saxons from Germany and Denmark and England

Before Migration to England

Winchester Cathedral, England

Winchester Catheral Altar
Anglo Saxon and/or Celtic Christian Ruins, United Kingdom

Saint Michael's Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral

Gisborough Priory

St. Augustine's Ruins, Kent

Lindisfarne Monastery, Northumbria

Whitby Abbey, York

Clonmacnoise Monastery

Maenan Abbey

North Elmham Chapel

Reculver Towers

Shaftesbury Abbey

Sherborne Castle

Saint Andrews Cathedral

Saint Edmondsbury Abbey

Saint John Church

Saint Mary's Church, Appleton

Saint Pancras Church ruins

Battle Abbey

Holy Ghost Chapel, Basingstoke

Rievaulx Abbey

Saint Benet Abbey

Pontefract Castle

Chester Cathedral

Glastonbury Abbey

Aberdour Castle

Crookston Castle

Knowlton Church
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