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Recently finished online Coursera course hosted by Sapienza University of Rome
Recovering the Humankind's Past and Saving the Universal Heritage
Working in research on phone including in person interview surveys at ROM
Vikings Exhibition

This project involved using two tools: Google online and psychic intuition to find association by words, meanings and relationships. Also research using others photos, opinions and material evidence to create a theory.
Two items at bottom were purchased in my twenties and a ring mid-thirties in 2000 in Vancouver: small shipping & trading Egyptian pyramid (4 cm) and nature & fertility amulet (4 1/2 cm) and a gold chain link ring with a letter T or it now looks possibly like Thor's hammer Mjolnir
Other three in Toronto: bronze helmet mask pendant with wheat braid from Kensington Market 2016 and charms of Freyjr and Odin from Royal Ontario Museum Viking exhibition 2017

Etymology of similar words in these countries: Valhalla = Bathala and bahala in Philippines, Sachsen to Saxon = Songsong / Suncheon / Saksun, Tillya to Silla, Beoksumeori = Bugue Saint Mary, museongmok to musing monk, Jeju Island to jejune = youth naivety in French/Jew, Kalkriese Battle = kalis keris swords in Philippines, Kriesian = Christian, Breton / Brittany / Britain / Briteiros, dol harubang in Korea = stone old man = dolmen stone tomb, hure = whore and bahn = way in German. So dual name meaning -- in Korean harubang means old man but in German hurebahn means whoreway. Maybe the French monks populated by mating with young prostitutes in Korea to have interracial children and continue their monastery as advised by German royalty? Also, French community in Korea Seorae Maeul = soeur mal = bad sister in French. Only a theory...

This is a challenging research project because it involves trying to piece together the Saxon Vikings southern expeditions in America, Africa and Asia via cave petroglyphs and paintings as two horn figures, stone cottage colonies, royal mounds and boat shape stone burials, weapons, jewelry, etc. The Saxon Vikings history has been tampered with since their defeat by the Franks after thirty years war 772 - 804 A.D. This research project has a theory that Saxon German King Widukind who married Geva Eysteinsdottir, daughter of King of Norway and their royal family escaped to South Korea from Emperor Charlemagne a Jewish Frank who imprisoned Widikund in a French monastery which moved with them to Jeju Korea, and boatmen civilians went to Taiwan and Philippines. Widikund may be the unknown Silla King in tomb 155 or in the spiked boat coffin in South Korea.

Note: After seeing Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat with nearby Odin Holey Stone with Christian crosses, which shows a merging of two religions -- Nordic beliefs in Odin the one-eyed God with Christianity as written in the Old Testament Genesis Noah and the great flood -- this theory has to be reanalyzed and checked for artifactual truth backed up by the Holy Bible, written history and Christianity the religion. Noah and Widikund stories have a similarity in that of escaping human corruption and pagan bestiality by building a boat(s) with animals and moving with family.

The first Viking phase had Danish Celtic Saxons being hired in shipping and trading for Egyptian and Babylon Iraq ships in Africa, Americas and Asia, as shown in two horned figures in caves, then they built their own ships. Followed by their colonizing phase where they settled along with the Breton Celtic groups in various countries shown by stone cottages sites. Many are smashed destroyed sites of cottages, churches and castles -- caused by ongoing wars from Saxon Thirty Years war, Viking Age -- until the World Wars 1 and 2 extended destruction from bombings in Europe: United Kingdom, Poland and Germany to bombings in Asia: Philippines and Japan, then the Korean War. A few colonized stone sites remained, probably with interracial mixing continuing with other groups in those countries. DNA genetic samples there might prove this. Their history affects all travelers, tourists and traders and investors -- ancient trading partners in the south and in the world -- on their Viking voyages of trading or raiding to invading and colonizing, now legally practised as immigration and investment to the world wars as friends or enemies -- involving economical, political, religious and racial wars for revenge, power and territories.

Note: artifacts and evidence in Asian and African countries have similarities with European Viking cultures but whether these were made by them or traded depends on whether the materials and tools of the craft are also with them or if treasures were buried and found alone -- meaning this could be ancient trade or raid not made objects. Example: the ROM Viking Exhibition displayed tools and moulds to make the miniature charms.

Imelda Ortega Suzara

Age 52 Philippine Canadian citizen
Psychic & Online Researcher
Interests: videography, media, poetry, arts, cultures, traveling, multiculturalism
Contact email or phone: 4162036909

Psychic, Occult and Outer Space Experiences and Tools:
Read occult, astrology and numerology books starting from childhood; ouija board with two family members moved and some code words and change of behaviour, internal voices leading to paranoia about being listened to on the phone or monitored by hidden cameras, possibly telepathy; saw and video recorded UFOs (unidentified flying objects) in Philippines, Canada and USA; tarot and angel cards; crystals, lava quantum amulet, meteorite.

Photos Relating to Bronze Pendant Necklace
Photos Relating to Bronze Amulet

'Mask of Agamemnon'

Externsteine Altar at Teutoberg Forest

Irminsul Pillar
Photos Relating to Miniature Pyramid

Aztec Shield & Headdress Feathers

Egyptian Boat

Beer Bubbles in a Glass

Pointy pyramids in Egypt

Flat top pyramids in Mexico

Magnifier enlarging charms of Freyjr and Odin

Miniature Stone Moulds

Magnifier displayed in ROM Viking Exhibition
Note: some of these photos were Google searched and copied and pasted for research purposes