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Ancient Shipping & Trading
Pharaoh Khufu Ship, Egypt
Oseberg Viking Ship, Norway
King Hammurabi of Babylon
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Saxon and European Ancient History
Old Saxony
Royal Lines Before & After Charlemagne
Before & After Saxons
Anglo Saxon Chronicle
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Saxe Coburg Gotha to Windsor
House of Saxe Coburg Gotha
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Eye of Odin Stone

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Scythians to Goths
Tillya Tepe, Afghanistan

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Eresburg Fort Hill & Irminsul
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Brantome Commune & Abbey, France
Eresburg Hill Castle
Widukind, Spanish

Viking Age
Vikings Ancient Warriors
After Charlemagne
Viking Age Northern Expeditions
Anglo Saxon, United Kingdom
Rune Stones List
Land of Ice & Fire, Iceland

Lost Fort
Dolmen Tombs, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Stonehenge, Salisbury United Kingdom
Carnac, Brittany France
Timeline of Roman Empire

Scandinavian and Germanic Religion & Beliefs
Odin / Woden / Wodan / Wotan
One Eyed Odin
Poetic Edda, Fimbul Winter Grimnismal 44
Poetic Edda, Valhall Grimnismal 8
Germania Tribes
Yeshu ben Pandera
Abdes Pantera
Odin Stone
Standing Stones of Stenness
Yggdrasil World Tree
Irminsul Cosmic Pillar
Holy Orb, Scepter and Crown
Otto I the Great
Ottonian Dynasty
Nine Worlds

Nag Hammadi Codex, Egypt
Nag Hammadi Library, Egypt
Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls, Israel Palestine
Qumran, Israel Palestine
Germanic Celtic Paganism Christianity
Anglo Saxon Church
Winchester Cathedral
Gutenberg Bible
Jesuits Priests Survive Hiroshima

Sacred Sites and Crop Circles
Meanings of Crop Patterns
Manmade Military or Alien Laser
Air Asia QZ8501 or MH17
Yggdrasil Tree
Sun Venus Calendar
Grasdorf Plates
Nimrud, Iraq
Egypt and Peru Mummies
Alien Pharaoh, Egypt
UFO X Files
Ancient Alien Mysteries
Roswell, New Mexico
G8 Russia
G7 Summit 2015, Germany

Viking Apocalypse
Ragnarok Movie, Norway
Online Game, Philippines
Online Game, Korea

Cave History Art
Angono Cave, Philippines
Alta Mira, Spain
Lascaux Cave, France
Temiya & Fugoppe, Japan
Tamaulipas, Mexico
Cochno Stone, Scotland
Hopi, USA
Planet X

Trade Between Germany and Other Countries
South Korea Republic

Butuan Boat Find
Batanes, Dampier 1687
Batanes, National Commission for Culture and the Arts
Pig Roasts Worldwide
Magellan in Philippines, funded by Charles V
Ancient Punt and Ophir

Cheonmachong Heavenly Horse Tomb 155, Korea
Silla Kingdom Dynasty
Dol Hareubang / Beoksumeori
List of Benedictine Monasteries, France
Jeju Island
Samnyeonsanseong Fort

Other Theories of Ancient Shipping & Trading
Hebrew Israelites and Phoenicians
Solomon's Jehoash Stone
Atra-hasis's Ark Tablet
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