Ships & Routes

Viking Ships

Oseberg Viking Ship

Ericson Viking Ship

Viking Canoe
Philippines Vinta and Butuan Boat Dig

Butuan Boat

Vinta Boat 1930s

Modern Vintas
Korean Dragon Turtle Ships

Ancient Egyptian Ships

Pharaoh Khufu, Egypt

War Ship, Egypt

Military Vessel, Egypt
Ancient Mesopotamian, Phoenician and Roman Ships

Mesopotamia, Iraq

Phoenicia, Lebanon

Roman, Italy
Canoes with Pointed Up Ends

Tao Canoe, Taiwan

Maine Natives, USA

Knights Templar Viking
Ancient Empires and Trading Ports

Ancient Empires

Phoenician Network

Babylonian Empire
Thor Heyerdahl Routes of Ancient Migration

Kontiki Crossed Pacific Ocean

Map Ocean Routes

Ra II Crossed Atlantic Ocean
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