Statues and Other Materials

Itefseneb or Neb-Senu

Side View



Viking Celtic Clothing

Elephantine Port Map

Elephantine Port Today

Egyptian Crew Boat

Thebes Corn Maize

Grapes & Wine Making
Babylon, Iraq

Akkadian Babylon Boat

Babylon 14 Boat

Transport Cedar Boat
Other Evidence

Pyramids in Americas, Africa and Asia

Babylon Dragon Ship

San Bartolo Pyramid Drawings

Early Dynasty, Egypt

Celt Communication with Animals

Egyptian Style Statues, El Salvador

Celtic Irminsul, Quimbaya Colombia

Two Horns, Quimbaya Colombia

Boat on a Rock, USA

Spiral Pottery, Ban Chiang Thailand

Spiral Bell

Ban Chiang Pottery Site

Toraja Coffin Indonesia

Toraja Wood Box

Toraja Art Symbols

Dong Son, Vietnam

Trong Don Drum

Dong Son Design

African Warriors

Ashanti Bronze, Ghana

Ashanti Symbols Stamps
Note: these photos and video were Google searched and copied and pasted for research purposes