Website creation and management for new business startups online.
Simple design and layout services to promote a new business and
develop its presence online.  Management and networking services
and promotion via social media websites are also available.


Through ten years of operation, several websites had been created each
specifically for a purpose, mainly to provide information to the public and
potential customers and to show a network.  Most are now inactive and
no longer domained.  The few that continue to be active have an A beside
the name.

A global tribes project to promote tribes around the world that continue 
traditional cultures thru their arts, crafts, ceremonies, beliefs, costumes 
and cuisines

Casa P.O.W. Project
An online tenant placement network to help find affordable accommodation
for people in welfare and working class income and newcomers to Canada.
Former domain

Cheap Chic
A cheap chic street style from Third World clothing markets to be sold to
First World countries.

Halo Halo Sa Toronto
Public events that are themed for a cause and performed and video recorded.
2007 Global Warming, 2008 Minorities Halloween
Former domain 

Halo Halo Channel
Philippine and Canadian diversity public events that are video recorded for
internet promotion.
Former domain 

Hey Babe
A dating webvideo show for singles who are undergoing physical makeovers.
Former domain

Howling at the Blue Moon
Events website for artistic collaborations started in Vancouver 2000

io media (A)
Inside and outside videos of public events.

An artistic website for isarte works
Former domain 

Make Money From Your Roof
A solar energy systems promotion and marketing webvideo show to convince
viewers to apply for a Government MicroFIT contract to sell solar energy to the
public power grid.
Former domain

Professor's Lessons (A)
A retired public secondary school teacher becomes an English Second Language
teacher for foreign students, teaching them about language and how to use it
at work and our daily lives in a magical way.
Former domain 
webpage link

Shopaholic Shorts (A)
A loyalty shopping network for members and city premiere screenings of Corporate
and business filmmercial shorts.
Former domains and

Talents On The Fly
A publicity and marketing talent agency for ethnic diversity.
Former domain

The Heritage Tours
Historical heritage tours and maps for private cars rentable by the half to full day.
Former domain and 

Universal Humanoid Project (A)
An ongoing research project on UFO sightings in the sky, alien humanoid visits, and
telepathic communication between humanoids of earth and other planets

Online tools to help investigate on online internet scams and frauds received
by email, phone, fax or mail from online fraudsters and scammers.
Former domain

Viking South (A)
An ongoing research project on signs of Viking Anglo Saxon explorations and Celtic Briton 
colony style settlements, possible collaborations in the southern part of the world:  
Philippines, Asia, South America and Africa.

An online diversity festival.
Former domain